Friday, February 7, 2014

WWYWTSJ? (What Would YOU wear to see Jesus?) Day 1 in Israel

This is what I chose to wear: Good ol' Red, White and Blue and be proud of my American Heritage. 

Touring through Jerusalem and Bethlehem was an unbelievable experience! There is SO much history: Religious, Cultural, Political.  Pictured here is the Dome of The Rock (where the Ark of the Covenent once stood. It's a very important Islamic site. AND very pretty.

This is where the manger stood… as in THE manager. Wow

 I'd like to believe that God/Allah/my Guardian Angels were smiling on me today as I toured. This is in the church where the manager stood. Actually, a Christian, Armenian AND Jewish churches now stand in this one spot. (they share)

And this lil window is in the spot where the Last Supper was held. Again, it's shared by Islam, Christian and Jewish faiths.

 Statue of King David. Almost as cute as my own David (you're welcome honey)
 This is where Mary, mother of Jesus has a tomb. Not that she's buried there… I found out today (after 54 years of being a Christian) that it is believed that Mary is "sleeping" in heaven and she didn't die. At least that's what the tour guide told me. And who am I to argue? It's his country!
 At the Wailing Wall, an important site in Jewish history. There's a whole lot that I learned today about this location. As the guide said "it's all we have left" (the Jewish people).
 The 11th station of the Cross where Jesus was nailed to the Cross. The mosaic depicts the event. This is in an amazing place where I finally broke down. Too much history and information to process. I rebounded though.
This is a Christian Franciscan priest (monk?) at the site where Jesus tomb was located. The line to see the actual tomb was three hours long so we walked around the outside. Still, quite overwhelming.

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