Wednesday, February 5, 2014


See Nadine smiling at the gate of her plane to begin leg #1 on her trip of a lifetime. The route I've chosen (to save money) is Minneapolis-Toronto-Istanbul-Tel Aviv. I was SUPPOSED to leave Minneapolis at 4 pm Wednesday and arrive in Tel Aviv at 830 pm Thursday night.

See Nadine Smiling as she learns that the flight is delayed due to bad weather in the Toronto area. Oh well, it's not delayed too badly. She can still make her dinner plans with friends in the Toronto airport.

See Nadine Smile as she learns that the friends in Canada got stuck in their driveway (which is only 900 feet long) trying to leave for the airport. Sigh! Nadine will not be seeing friends that she hasn't seen in a number of years. Oh well, at least she's going to have lots of time in the airport to have a nice dinner, albeit alone.

See Nadine Smile (less brightly now) as she learns that the flight is delayed for a second time, this time only giving her 1.5 hours to make her next flight. Oh well, fortunately she is optimistic AND an experience traveller AND she knows that things like this are out of her control, so she can just deal with it.

See Nadine get out her credit card and get online because having the computer along is a great babysitter. This will keep Nadine smiling.

Stay tuned for details… the fun has only begun
(Nadine is still smiling….)

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