Thursday, February 27, 2014

A FANTASTIC Day..Sun, Site, Fun…AND Guinness!

 We began our day in our favorite little restaurant (pictures tomorrow) that offered a fantastic breakfast, tea and delightful surroundings. The sun was out in full force today and we made the most of it. We walked through St. Stephen's park, which is a gorgeous, peaceful place in the middle of Dublin (think Central Park in NYC). It was beautiful green and flowers were just starting to sprout. It was a good "Foretaste of the Feast to come" I am forever hopeful that Spring WILL arrive in MN..sometime.
 This chap was interesting. He was feeding the birds, including the one sitting on his arm. When we started talking pictures, he asked (in a very American accent) for 1 Euro for the homeless. We weren't sure if he meant himself, the birds or the homeless in general. He said he had just returned the pigeon in his arms after nursing it back from bad health. Great photo op---and what's a Euro (About $1.38 actually!)
 St. Patrick's Cathedral. Oh my. It was very very very cool. Beautiful architecture, wonderful windows, and we had the Luck of the Irish as there weren't many people there, the sun was just right for pictures and it was wonderful to just sit and reflect.
 A majority of the day was spent at the Guinness Storeroom (museum). Now I really don't like Guinness, but when in Rome… However, in Dublin, the Guinness is FANTASTIC!! We learned a lot about the brewery, and one of my colleagues even took a "Class" on how to pour the perfect pint. It was delightful…and the beer wasn't bad either.
This is the view of Dublin from the top floor of the museum. It was surrounded by windows and quite a lovely spot. We also had the BEST Irish stew. (made with Guinness as the secret ingredient of course). 

Yes what a memory!

As we walked home tonight, we walked by a young man begging for money sitting on the street. It's quite chilly here (well, not MN cold, but cold enough for a coat, etc). I didn't give him money but as I am writing this, I am haunted by his face. I generally don't give to beggars because I do believe there are programs for people who need help and that the money is going for something other than their well-being. But this kid's gonna be in my mind for a while. Tomorrow, I will give to someone that I see on the street. It won't help this kid, but maybe it'll help someone else.

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