Sunday, December 31, 2000

In sickness, this place will make youbwell

Recently while traveling to Dubai for a meeting, I was adding, at great leisure, the in flight magazine for Kuwait airlines. I smiled when I read the ad about the hospital , al Seef. I have visited the hospital twice as friends have been patients here.
We are often asked about the medical care in Kuwait. I can say that I have visited both private and public hospitals and I know that my preference I to be placed in a private place should there ever be a need. Although, amazingly, we are told that for major events, that the public hospitals are better.
I think what the private hospitals have done is to capture the market on pampering the patient. The culture does a great job of pampering for everything. ( having just returned from a pedicure last evening,- and having had a masseuse visit our home last week, I can speak from experience!!
When friend ME was in the standard room he enjoyed the view of dolphins swimming by every day.
Below is the "story" that accompanies the photos you see. Then see if you wouldn't like to join me for stay. No words were changed...

...At al Seef hospital, we are committed to ensure that your impatience stay is pleasant, comfortable and rejuvenating. Our state of the art suites are designed to provide a caring homely ambience within which to heal or recuperate from surgical and medical procedures while allowing patients to stay connected with their families and loved ones through specialized services and modern facilities.
All of our 105 suites look over the glorious seafront, giving patients a serene, panoramic view. With over ten hospital Floors devoted to suites ranging from Standard, VIP, VVIP and Royal to a host of customized Luxury Services, we have left no stone unturned to make your stay with us a home away from home.

To exclusively care for your bundles of Joy our pediatric inpatient suite are carefully designed and fitted with every comfort and attention to the minutest of details to make your baby or child's Stay as comfortable, joyful and safe as possible.
Each of our 13 vibrant colorfully decorated pediatric inpatient suites overlooks the sea. A playroom with interesting toys of all kinds and for all ages keeps young minds engaged at all times.
Revel in the chafing ambience, delightful interior and picturesque sea view offered by our standard Suites. With much emphasis on comfort and convenience, our suites blend function with superlative service to ensure that your stay is truly cherish able. Located across floors 8 through 12 of the hospital, each of our standard suite are fitted with modern lounge furniture, advanced electronics and communication system. Each floor houses a patient lounge overlooking the sea allowing patients and guests to hold receptions and events. A host of hospitality services makes visitation hours as pleasant as a hearty conversation over coffee, vote for the patience and their guess

Luxuriate in the serene ambience of our cozy state of the art VIP suites. Each suite has been designed to appeal to your senses through modern lounge furniture, smooth finishing, a breathtaking sea view, advanced electronics and communication systems, A wide spectrum of special services at your beck and call makes our VIP suites nothing less than a revitalizing stay at a leading hotel or spa. Located across floors 14 to 16 of the hospital, each of our 27 VIP suites house a lounge suite and a kitchenettes, enabling you the privacy an comfort of q sophisticated lifestyle. Choose from an eclectic a la carte menus of world cuisine from our special butler service, and recover in style.
VVIP Suites
Rejuvenate in the lap of luxury at our VVIP suites, which have been tastefully designed to provide every comfort, convenience and service to meet your high preference for a quality lifestyle. Our modern VVIP suites thoughtfully include a special family room and a companion room. Located across floors 17 and 18 of the hospital, each of our VVIP suites combine spacious, modern interiors with the ease of high quality service and advanced technology. For a pleasant ambient and convenient facilities that allow families to come together joyfully, opt for our charming VVIP suites.

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