Monday, March 18, 2013

Things that make me the Art show

Lasting images..some altered with a photo program. (No offense intended to anyone)

The last National Day celebration

Kuwait loves to celebrate the Liberation /National day holiday . It is a Huge celebration. This year the UAE special air force precision team came to town. We didn't actually see the show but we watched the planes fly and they "turned around" in our backyard ( sorta).Honesty Spoiler Alert: I wish I could take credit for the first two photos, I found them on a website

Staff and students alike also join in the fun! Here are a few pictures from the event that I took. Hard to believe it is our last one!

In my neighborhood tonight

On the way to school to attend the Fabulous art show by our DP art students, I finally took a picture of the lit palm tree across the street from our apartment. Kuwait really does it up during the celebration of national day. I like this idea slot.
The art show was filled with light, sound, motion and color...even a disco ball and dry ice.
Then on the way home, I ran into a Syrian band getting ready to play at a wedding reception next door. Uffdah! Almost too much for this 54 year old!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The final curtain call at AIS

We just finished Peter Pan with a cast of 40 . David built the sets and I worked with the pirates and coordinated all costumes. It was fun and very well received. We have enjoyed our time here and we feel proud of a the legacy we will leave.