Monday, July 30, 2012

Family Rocks

Here are a few of my favorite families from the summer. No names shall be added, you know who are :-)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Returning to where it all began

Part two of the 30 th anniversary celebration had us returning to stay in Mankato where we met, courted and have spent nine years of our life. It was great!

FINALLY a championship for everyone!

The tigers U16 soccer team competed in the Schwan USA cup silver division soccer tournament last weekend. They played teams from the metro area, Brazil, Mexico and Columbia. They defeated these teams to finally win the championship. It's been 12 years since David and his soccer partner Michelle started the program in PR. They have gone to tournaments at the state level three times but never had the title. It was a good feeling!

North Carolina makes me smile

Saw the Biltmore, beautiful blue ridge mountains and but best of all, enjoyed quality conversation with high quality people.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Visiting Mr and Mrs A

You know how it is when you have friends that live far away and you say " come and visit us sometime". Well this past week, we actually did it... We flew to north Carolina to see david's theatre teachers from high school. They are lively people and I am proud to say that I have known them since 1981. We visited the lovely hill country and saw the awesome Biltmore Estates. But best of all we got some quality rime with some high quality people.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

You say goodbye, we say hello.. Part two

I know I have written in the past about the pains of saying goodbye to friends met while teaching. But the good side is that
there are always new friends that arrive and make life just as interesting. Here are a group of smiling newbies ( and a treasured vet) at the Kuwait airport awaiting our freedom flight.
Here's to friends in the desert, we really do keep each other sane.

Since leaving the desert for the fourth time

We have been staying pretty close to home which has been wonderful. I have re connected with almost all of my peeps, and I continue to be so grateful
and humbled by their live and patience with us.

Heres a couple of photos for fun:
1) my mornings begin with a walk with Angel then coffee on the deck
2) the 35th class reunion of the HHS class of 77... And a good time was definately had by all
3) Anna and I went to a hair salon for a "simple cut" and ended up spending almost four hours there and both came out with colorings. She also got this cuter than cute hair style. Oops, we left David at the golf course. He wasn't too mad at us
4) precious moments when we can all gather. Here is the whole famdamily at the cabin.
5) the first weekend I was home there was a family wedding where I caught up on a bunch of new great great nieces and nephews. This is grand nephew RW with his five kids ( wife N was hone studying for her law degree...uffda) also pictured is the smilin grandma.

What have I been doing all this time?

Sorry folks I have been working on being the worst blogger ever. Here are done photos of what has happened since my last post in ( sigh) May. Pictured below are: the kids ( how precious to be able to see them); the sunset through the apple tree that was planted the day we were married..lovin life on lake Lida and Anna with her godmomma LMA. Again we say, life is good