Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nice to be Missed

This came on my facebook the other day from a former student of ours at PRHS. This one would definately go in our "attaboy" file. (the file that teachers have of notes from students to read when you wonder why the hec you ever got into teaching in the first place). Thanks "nice student" for making our day!

I meant to write this thing out a while ago, (once you added me) but laziness struck...DAMN YOU LAZINESS!!!...Ok, thats over with, How's Kuwait? Seems to be a lotta fun, though I'll admit good to have the Browns back in the states for a bit, Theatre just aint the same without ya. Misses the passion, but then again what do I know..:-)...

Also, quick note to Mr. Brown,
Thank you! What for? Well theres a couple things; 1) For being a helluva teacher, no one compares to your methods of teaching. Who else would jump up and down on their desk screaming or sneak up on you in theatre with a really big fake knife. 2) For "not caring." You're the only teacher (salesman as you called yourself once) that (just kidding) who let us do our own thing. You said that it was our desicion to do what we wished and you weren't gonna stop us or make us do something. Relaxing in a way, not to mention Reverse Psychology..."

And finally reason number 3) For kicking me in the *** and hounding me to try out for the play. If it hadn't been for your "suggestions" I never woulda met (my girlfriend), though it could just be the teenage horemones talking, I've never been happier in my life then when I am with (my girlfriend), and I must say that 8 months isn't too bad for highschool dating....If it hadn't been for you making me try out for the play I never woulda met her.

So, one final time before I drag myself to sleep...Thanks Mr. Brown for getting me to try out, and Mrs Brown for directing one helluva final show. (The Theatre still goes on after school, just no where near as good, could just be because it was first year doing it, ...No experience....)

-a Nice Student (Names changed to protect their wonderful innocence)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Almost a Tweet

I've been learning about Twitter this summer and it makes me laugh. Although I won't tell you that I'm in the bathroom or bored or looking forward to the next minute (as some do on Twitter) I will give you a short update on my summer...

**Survived canoeing with flying colors. Still waiting to upload photos
**Had a glorious weekend in Chicago with longtime friend JimmyJoe. Loved singing karoke until 2 am.
**Enjoying visiting with longtime family friends from Ohio
**Preparing mentally and physically for my mother in law's memorial service Thursday
**Celebrating my husband's 50th birthday Friday with a dinner party of good friemds (life goes on right?!)
**Thankful for the 27 years of marriage that we will also be celebrating on Friday

Twit out

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Just returned from a FAHBULOUS weekend with 5 friends canoeing on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on the MN/Canada border. Some of us were canoe experts, some of us were canoe veterans and some of us (ahem, me) hadn't really been in a canoe more than a 15 minute pretend journey around a calm lake. We all survived magnificently on our 3 night, 4 day adventure. I can portage, I can paddle, I can steer, I can start a campfire now and I can successfully wash my hair in a lake (actually not IN the lake because that would be bad for the environment!) But I had a first class BLAST with 5 women who are now very dear to me.

Pictures will follow (I was also the official photographer and managed to NOT drop my camera in the lake!)

Otherwise, I'm hangin' out with David and his dad PapaCB at the peaceful town of Wadena. Living in my mother in law's home inspired me tonight as I canned 8 pints of raspberry jam (As David asks "Who is this woman and what did she do with my wife?")Life is good...singin' pollywally doodle all the day!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


* NOTE: The numbers listed below are their birth order, not their significance in my life. The numbers are also to protect the innocent!

Yesterday I saw more family in three hours than I have all year!! Pictured below are:
GreatGreatTwin Neices 11 and 12 posing by the window as well as along with their cousins GreatGreat Neices 8,9,10.
NewNeice8 (who was also my BFF from HS)helped me reconnect with family.
Neice5 and daughter who just returned from North Carolina after 7 years, and Neice6 who were helping their momma safetly return home from the hospital.
Uffda it's great to be home!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

And I'm Proud to be an American

Every 4th of July we hang this flag at our cabin. It was draped over the coffin of David's grandpa Otho in honor of his service in World War I (where he received a purple heart). This summer, we hung it in honor and celebration of Ben, our son who is serving in Iraq. He WILL BE HOME soon, we just don't know the exact date (everyone keep praying!)

Also I am thinking of my Bro Col Michael, who is serving his 3rd term in Iraq as the Surgeon General (ie head doctor) for the Army National Guard.

May God, Allah, Budda, the Dali Lama and any other higher power keep them and others safe.

Remember your freedom and how lucky we are.

Happy 4th of July USA-photos

A couple of photos from our fun filled Minnesota summer:
Anna learning how to clean fish (the right way as instructed by Grandpa)
David and Angel in Lake Lida
The loons on our lake and their new baby

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This one's for You Intlxpatr

My favorite kuwaiti blogger, intlxpatr, would often post pictures of Kuwait sunrises. FYI--It's hard to get a picture of a Kuwait sunset because the sun goes down really quick.

As i've mentioned before, I love sunrise/sunset photos. I've got my camera on "lock and load" this summer ready to capture one of the best things in MN...the lingering sunsets.

here's a recent ending to another perfect MN day. Enjoy!

Happy Canada Day! (July 1st for those of you Americans who don't know!)

Here's to my Canadians,some new friends, some old, who have given me great joy. I love your sense of humor, concern for your fellow man,gentle spirit, and your ability to laugh at yourselves. Thanks for teaching me that Americans really shouldn't take themselves so seriously. I'm so glad you've entered my life!

FAMILY is Everything!

Recently I had the chance to reconnect with some of my family and be a part of other family celebrations. I am so blessed to have friends who are like family and also to have family that are friends.

Pictured above are
1) Aunti Ethel..who, at 95, moved HERSELF into assisted living
2) My Favorite Gorgeous and her mother.daughter and granddaughter
3) Me playing the GOOD aunt reading to 2 of my cutest GNs (great neices!)

Becoming Number 10

Last Saturday I was at CH's 80th birthday party in Blooming Prairie MN. (great name right? their football team is called...the Blossoms!)
CH is the daddy of my college roommate, ABHB, and the father of 9 wonderful children...8 girls and 1 boy. These people are SO MUCH FUN! They really know how to throw a birthday party, it was a wonderful day with family and friends. I took over 450 photos of the event, thus earning the honor of being the "10th family member". I love this family because they are all wonderful well rounded people who value each other and their opportunity to gather and celebrate. I am honored to be in this fold.
Pictured is the WHOLE clan--9 kids, XX grandchildren and XX great grandchildren. I'm not trying to leave anything out. I asked several of them what the total number was, and no one could tell me!
Also me and ABHB the best roommates EVER! Here's to Bette Midler, 5 cent beer parties and loving each other like sisters.

Why I love the Summer

Sorry I haven't been all that faithful in writing. Having way too much fun running around, catching up and enjoying life here in the land of 10,000. Returning to MN has been a blast so far. Although the weather isn't exactly summer-like (sure this my fault because I must have prayed for cooler weather sometime in May!). It's still great to be here. Now for the explaination of the pictures are worth a 1000 words section of today's entry...
1) Grandpa Charlie teaching Anna a talent of the past..reading a slide rule. Father's day 2009
2) One of the joyful celebrants at the Intl' Friendship Festival in PR on June 20. Great day!
3) My Brothers in Crime in PR. There's none better for fun, laughter and limacello!
4) Sir Rod of Scotland and Denmark who was a true pleasure to meet and laugh and listen to during IFF 12 this year.