Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Becoming Number 10

Last Saturday I was at CH's 80th birthday party in Blooming Prairie MN. (great name right? their football team is called...the Blossoms!)
CH is the daddy of my college roommate, ABHB, and the father of 9 wonderful children...8 girls and 1 boy. These people are SO MUCH FUN! They really know how to throw a birthday party, it was a wonderful day with family and friends. I took over 450 photos of the event, thus earning the honor of being the "10th family member". I love this family because they are all wonderful well rounded people who value each other and their opportunity to gather and celebrate. I am honored to be in this fold.
Pictured is the WHOLE clan--9 kids, XX grandchildren and XX great grandchildren. I'm not trying to leave anything out. I asked several of them what the total number was, and no one could tell me!
Also me and ABHB the best roommates EVER! Here's to Bette Midler, 5 cent beer parties and loving each other like sisters.

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