Monday, March 24, 2008

Technology is creeping up on the old girl

In preparation for our big move over the pond, I learned how to use Facebook this weekend. I also practiced having a telephone conversation on Skype with a new colleague (thanks John). Both forms of communication are amazing although I can tell that the facebook one could be addicting! I don't know if I have to know THAT MUCH about my friends and family (the constant posts about what people are doing are sorta funny yet terrifying!)

I also practiced IMing (is that the proper word?? Is it now a verb?) with my sister in Alaska (thanks Marcie).

All this show my need to be able to communicate with people when we move away. I'm afraid that I'll be stuck in the desert and have no one to talk to! Sorta like living on the farm when the electricity goes out and the phone went dead.

When David's parents were overseas, they had to rely on letters or no communication at all! My respect for them grows daily.

It's now officially after Easter which means that it's time to get serious about this moving thing and about cleaning up work.

I tried to sort through something "easy" in our house by going through the linens this weekend. I ended up with a bigger pile of "save" items than throw or give away. Not a good sign for sure. So I threw everything back in the closet and decided to start fresh another day.

This will be get better right?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

If you can't stand the heat...get out of Kuwait?

It's right before Easter 2008 and I've just completed the day enjoying the 35 degree weather here in MN. Snow melting, sun shining, the smell of spring in the air. I was quite content today.
As I'm reading up on Kuwait, I learn that the predicted weather is between 85 and 103 degrees F for the next 5 days.
What in the hec am I doing moving there?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Anyone know how to sing the Beatles Song...Today is your Birthday?

Today-March 16-is my 49th birthday. One more year until the big 50. The first thought i had this morning when I woke up is "next year I'll turn 50 in Kuwait". Where in my life did I ever think this would happen? As I woke up and turned on the computer (letting David sleep), I received an invitation from my new colleagues in Kuwait to joing a chat group. This must be a "sign" that things are going to be fine!

Look for the positive and you will find it,right?

Those of you who eventually read this, mark 3-16 on your 2009 calendars and think of me. I'll be out sailing the Arabian gulf (maybe...)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sorta Scary Sorta Fun Sorta Weird

Well it's been 5 weeks since we decided to undertake what will probably be the adventure of our lifetimes! In that time, David's teaching position has been placed on the chopping block, we've been able to rent out our house, I've officially resigned from my job (done in May) and we're starting the process of de-vesting our life's possessions.

Sorta scary the other day when I found a website that listed all sorts of negative comments about our new school. But I've learned from reading 56572 that people feel comfortable making negative comments without signing their names. So that with a grain of salt and maturity, I've decided that I'm better off for knowing and moving forward.

Anyone need two really cute dogs?