Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Trails 56572

Today I learned that my favorite local blog, 56572-fact and fiction from the two stop light town in Otter Tail county, is no longer. The editor, Bus Guy, kept our small town (and several other places in the world actually) amused, entertained and informed for the past four years. He has a sharp wit, great eye for interesting photographs and a spot-on ability to find out what's new and fresh. I have learned alot from him.
Here's hoping I can only be half as entertaining in my attempts to keep people reading.
Thanks JC for your wisdom, insight and humor.
I will miss hearing the statement
"That's blogable".

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Keepin' in touch

Thanks to former student ADootcher, I am able to add photographs to this blog. It's so sweet (or as kids currently say "SWEEEET" (emphasis on the long "e") to continue relationships with students after graduation. And this woman will go far. Thanks again ATD for all you've shared with me and will continue to share. Here's hoping we really can meet in Germany this Christmas

Photo was taken Saturday at the outskirts of Otter Tail county. I thought it was sorta fitting as I feel like a pelican taking flight (to Kuwait.