Friday, February 26, 2010

Diggin' Doha-our Visit to see PR Becca

The Doha skyline is more attractive than Kuwait, and the sea looks "cleaner". In fact, to sum it up although the two places are similar, I would have to say that Doha is "Greener, Cleaner and More Spacious".
You can't really tell in this picture, but behind us is a large pearl (Doha was once a pearl port). This monument is cement, sorta like the Qatarian equivalent of PR's Pelican Pete. Of course, we had to pose for pictures.

The Qatari government (Under the aspices of Sheika Mosha) has done a lot of work to clean up the city and make it attractive. This is the site of the old souk, Waqif, which has been remodeled to look old (it's quite new). Very effective I think.

We had a very interesting time here, enjoying the shops, the atmosphere and most of all fun with Becca!

Monday, February 8, 2010

And it's all because her momma CAN dance!!

My mom loved to dance. She would grab me often for a polka or waltz. I sometimes went along willingly, but often than not, I made some sort of negative comment. I loved to dance but it was, well, odd to dance with my MOTHER!

In the past few years, I've regretted the times when I said "no". Mostly because my mom is gone but more so because I realized how much she loved to dance and she just wanted a partner. Recently at the Fine Arts Festival that I was in charge of here at AIS, David and I got up in front of the group and did the ONE dance we can do really well... a "Swing" dance. We practiced and practiced this one and we generally would "perform" it when we chaperoned prom at PRHS. Believe it or not, there was an opportunity for us to "perform" it here when we had a local swing band playing for the students.

That evening, Anna ACTUALLY asked me to teach her the dance. We had a good time and she immediately taught her good friend Jake how to "do the moves".

Momma would be proud!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I've posted a few pictures of the events of our lives during the past 60 days. Each are self explanatory. Here's hoping that you believe the "1000" words give you an update of what we've been up to.

Scenes from Turkey (Finally!)

A view of the Bosphorus, Istabul, Turkey December 2009
Anna Leigh takes in the view of Istanbul.

David and Anna in front of Topkapi Palace, now a museum.

Scenes From Turkey II

If you've ever wondered what a Whirling Dirvish looks like, now you know! This is a mystical dance of the sufi's-a branch of Muslim. David and Anna were entertained by these gentlemen one evening while dining.
A scene of beautiful tile mosaics that are found throughout the mosques of Istanbul.

One of David's favorite memories from Turkey is eating roasted chestnuts. Here he is reliving that memory for real.

The View from my Window

There is construction happening in my "backyard" and every morning Germo has to check out the progress. (he's keeping pace with the little boy next door who watches the "Bigger Digger" most of the day).

During a Recent Trip to the Friday Market

This is the man whom I refer to as my "Jordian Boyfriend". He's about 84, reminds me of my father, loves to give me good deals and always has some wise words for me. Just like my daddy.
A scene from Al Koot (Old Kuwait) as portrayed at the Friday Market.

Pewter, Silver, Shiny things...all for sale at a good price

Scenes from my life now

No it's not a blizzard, this is blowing sand during a minor dust storm.
LOVE the title of this Highway!

In case you've ever wondered where I live, I'm in the middle building.

Here is the happy Brown family looking well, happy, at the conclusion of the emac (eastern mediterrean activities council) Fine Arts Festival. Anna was in costume for her role as "Rabbit" in the Drama production, David was posed in his typical Directorial role and Nadine looks well, tired, but happy because that's exactly what she was! Being in charge of 88 kids from four countries was exhausting but exilerating!
Reminded me of my days at the MN State 4-H Arts In (without the beer garden)