Friday, January 31, 2014

Hello? Are you there? It's me... Nadine

Dear Friends, Family and Random Blog readers

YES! I am still alive, and YES! I am enjoying life in Pelican Rapids. I've decided to renew the blog postings as I am preparing to take the trip of a "lifetime" (or at least this lifetime).

I will be gone for three weeks, travelling without David, but not necessarily alone.
My current plans (inshallah) are:
Feb 5 depart Minneapolis, via Toronto, via Istanbul to arrive in Tel Aviv on Feb. 6. Anna Leigh lives there (for a bit more) and I am visiting her (and the country). Unfortunately (OR I guess FORTUNATELY) she will be leaving Israel when I arrive as she's got an interview in North Carolina at Duke University. I'll be doing some site seeing, resting (and re-acclimating to the culture) until she returns. Stay tuned for pictures.
Feb 9 Anna returns to Israel. "HER PLAN" is that we rent a car and drive around areas of Israel that she's not seen. Again, stay tuned for Details.
Feb 10 and 11 I get to be HAPPY MAMMA as I watch Anna perform in the Hebrew University production of AIDA. She plays the role of a slave where she's got "A song AND a death scene".
Feb. 15 We depart Israel for Bremen, Germany, home of Jacobs University. Anna is returning there to finish up her last semester of undergrad.
Feb 16-18 I am hoping to be in Hamburg Germany, visiting Dietmar Bethge, the former 1980 Rotary Exchange student and his lovely wife.
Feb 18-22 I will be between Berlin (visiting German Dennis, Rotary Exchange student Pooja in Berlin) and/or Godsister Marion in Aachen. Details being worked out.
Feb 23-25 Travelling to Amsterdam and taking an opportunity to see her through local eyes.
Feb 25-March 1 Flying to Dublin, Ireland to see Kuwait friends JER and MR. Can't wait to see these fine ladies and explore Ireland through their eyes. JER is Irish and I've been "warned" that it's tough to keep up with her in a pub. We shall see.

Current plans is that it will be a planes, trains and automobiles type of adventure. I'm excited about seeing all of these sites--some of them for the first time, others as a re-visit.

I'll do my best to keep posting pictures and comments.
Thanks for reading and we'll write again next week!
NOW, it's time to pack.....