Monday, February 17, 2014

Safe in Germany

Having arrived here in Hamburg Saturday evening, and promptly sleeping 12 hours (was I tired?), life looked infinitely brighter Sunday morning when I woke up at the lovely home of Didi and Katrin. D is a Pelican Rapids "son" by exchange as he lived in PR during the year 97-98. He has spent a lot of time in PR so it's like being with someone from Home.
 We went on a spectacular drive to the North Sea (now I can cross that off my "list") and enjoyed many things. We stopped at a nature preserve area where we saw birds beginning their migratory route home and these wild horses.
As you can see, the North Sea greeted me before I greeted it (big waves). It was delightfully cold, brisk, salty…just like a sea!

 This is in an old church(*OLD 1427 was the date on the church wall). The photo shows a family "Box" where the Hans Grobt family sat.
Katrin and Didi smiling. They took me to this very interesting old quaint restaurant where they were married in 2009. It had the BEST pie and coffee I think I've had (or at least in a long time). 

AND they had a wonderful concoction that tasted like egg nog. Darn good. D said that it's tradition to get the mustache when you take the first drink. I thought he was pulling my leg (he's quite capable of doing that) but as I looked at their wedding pictures, I saw several people with the same mustache.

One cannot help but to be impressed with all of the wind and solar energy techniques being employed here in Northern Germany. 

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