Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Having a lovely time here in Hamburg Germany. Didi and Katrin and their lovely Irish Setter/German Shephard Pepee have been ROYAL hosts. We saw the North Sea on Sunday (as mentioned) and yesterday we saw the Baltic. Which is quite a contrast as the Baltic is a very mellow, quiet, gentle sea vs her WILD sister, the North. 
We went to Kiel which has a special place in the hearts of D and K as it's where they went to University. Not at the same time, but still their second "home".Kiel was the site of the 1972 Summer Olympic sailing competition so we went to what was the Olympic Village. It's now apartments and shopping centers, but still a great place to view boats and the sea,  I'm so lucky that I can say I've seen the whole of Germany through visits with our friends who live here.
Spring is starting to "sprout" here as you can see by the little flowers. The weather has been quite lovely, I'm sure a contrast to what my loved ones are dealing with in MN.
Today (Tuesday) I am off to Aachen to stay with Godsister Marion. The plans are to return to Cologne where the family visited in 2003. I enjoyed the Cathedral so much, I want one more crack at it.
Know that I am safe, happy and doing well now that I've got a German beer to make me smile ;-)

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