Saturday, February 22, 2014

All on a Saturday in Berlin

Disco Fever is alive and well in Berlin! It was such a beautiful day, I couldn't help but do a little Happy Dance on the street.
 There are flowers beginning to poke their head out of the ground here, which is a site for sore eyes. I took this picture for all my beloved people in Minnesota enduring yet ANOTHER snow storm.
 Being with Pooja AND Dennis is such a delight. How I remember both of them fondly as they were exchange students in PR in the late 90s. And now they are grown up people, living and working and succeeding. But they are still delightful folks. We're not squinting because the sun is so bright, we're squinting because their FUTURE is so bright ! (that's my story…)
 Some unknown top of a random church. How awful is that? Seriously, I have no idea what this is, but the site of such a beautiful building against the lovely blue sky made me want to take the photo. I can tell you that it's by the Calvinist Reformed Church (the French one) which was a very interesting experience. There wasn't any English translation (other than two sheets of paper which weren't very informative). So I enjoyed listening to whatever Dennis read as interesting AND just looking with out knowing what I was seeing. Sometimes one needs those little reminders that English isn't the only language spoken. It sorta makes me use the rest of my senses to figure things out.
 However, I found this one fascinating. The church was bombed and shot at several times during the War. Below is a description of a specific day and then there is a hymnal with the bullet hole and the actual bullet on top. It was a eerie site.
 This is Humbolt University, which Dennis says is THE Place for study in Berlin. In front of this, we saw a group of students demonstrating. As we walked closer (it was a peaceful demonstration), we learned that it was a group of students from Venezuala demonstrating the treatment of fellow students there. I guess it's quite horrific. A young lady approached and told us that all they wanted to do was spread awareness of the atrocities that are happening there. It was my first demonstration!!
Leaving Berlin will be hard  I have enjoyed the break, the complete mellowness of just
chillin' with Dennis and seeing Pooja. It was like a little bit of home. Just what I needed. 

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