Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Aye, I've got me Lucky Charms!

This rainbow must be saying "Welcome to Ireland Nadine we've been waiting for you". I LOVE it here. It reminds me of England, but yet it's totally different. Of course I've only been here 12 hours, but it seems really cool.

Travelling this part of the journey with two friends from AIS Kuwait who flew in during their National Days break. So far we're just getting our feet wet in the pubs but I can tell that will be a major part of our touring. We're staying in a really cute apartment on one of the main streets. Perfect...
 We set off on a journey to find St Patrick's cathedral, but golly Gee there were at least five churches that we saw that could have been THE one! Love the architecture, the presence, the designs.
 Just a friendly reminder that the traffic comes at you from the OPPOSITE direction! And very fast!

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of pubs here. I have decided that I will ask each bartender what I should drink and see if I can come up with a winner. I was surprised to discover that there are many American beers served here. (Yuck)

My friend MJ outside St Patrick's (yes we found it but there were Vesper services so we'll be back tomorrow)

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