Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Anna's final night in AIDA. People were impressed (it's hard to write glowing reviews of one's own daughter) and several commented to her and me (of course I told them I was her MOTHER!) about how Wonderful she was. Geesh, maybe we'll both stay in Israel ;-)
 This is the area near the place where Jesus was crucified and buried in the tomb. There are hundreds of markets. So of course, one thinks of Jesus throwing down the tables in the marketplace and being angry at the sellers. BUT there's such wonderful things to be observed and purchased. I was very good with my pocketbook, but oh to return with empty suitcases and full pocketbooks!!
 So here's an interesting story. We were wandering around this area, Nachlaot, which was a fascinating neighborhood. Anna says it's where the religious people and college students live. I spied this sign for an Art store, so in we went. We had a great conversation with the owner (on right) and complimented him on his art. Then the gentleman on the left came in (with a 3/4 empty bottle of was 11 am) and he proceeded to tell us he had been a medical student from London who is now living in Jerusalem and he "Works" at a magician, entertainer, inspirational speaker. He invited us to a Shabbat (holy day) dinner but unfortunately we won't be here.
 Love these doors.
 Anna purchased some earrings from Doodoo the oriental jeweler. (that's what his sign said…)
 Love this photo although Anna has scolded me several times to stop taking pictures of religious people (sorry, can't help it!)
Jerusalem is complex. There is so much happening here politically, culturally, historically that one easily gets overwhelmed. However, I have enjoyed talking with people. I think if the leaders of countries would just try having conversations with people instead of worrying who is right, who is more powerful and how is "in charge", the world would be a better place. Shalom

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