Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sitting at the Istanbul Airport…without a beer ;-(

I am in Istanbul after a very long delay in Minneapolis getting to Toronto. We finally landed at 10pm last night giving me 30 minutes to clear customs and find my gate. I made it, but I am sure it was great comic relief watching the old lady huffing and puffing while running, dragging a robins egg blue suitcase.

My first introduction into what kind of adventure I am about to have came when I tried to exchange money for Israeli "shekels". NO WE DO NOT HAVE SHEKELS said the lady behind the currency exchange like I had offended her. Oops--sorry. I hope the nice person at the Tel Aviv airport can help me find money or it's going to be a REALLY interesting trip.

I am sitting in the exact chair I always sit in at the Istanbul airport (okay so I've only been here twice before, but I've always sat in the same chair). I am waiting patiently (since that is my new middle name) for the waiter to come and take my beer order. I figure it would be very rude (Ugly American-eque) to grab the beer from the Frenchman sitting to my left. Not that I NEED a beer, it's just that Turkish beer is very VERY good. I just wanted to experience it again. I even searched my blogfiles to find the picture of the beer I took last time I was here.

Oh well, no beer, no harm, no money spent (there David---aren't you proud of me?!)

Next time I write I'll be in Israel, hopefully safe--and with shekels in hand.


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