Sunday, February 9, 2014

I once met a dentist named Chewy (and other things that don't seem strange when you live in a place)

This is an Israeli fire hydrant. Probably doesn't look funny to someone who lives here, but every time I see these things, I just crack it. To me, it's an alien, or an animated creature (can't you just see the smiley face that should would be placed below the "eyes?"). I am sure that people who live here don't think this is odd. When I mentioned it to Anna, she looked at me like "Crazy Crack Mom". Actually she's always done that to me, but I couldn't believe she couldn't see the humor in this.

Here's another one. When I first saw the sign, I thought "Cool… King Solomon (from the bible) is right ahead." I smiled thinking there was a tomb up ahead (I know he's dead right?) It truly took me a while to realize that it's a large hotel in Jerusalem.  So I took the picture anyway. 
Also notice the sign behind it. Everything (signage anyway) is translated in to three languages: Hebrew, Arabic and English. That's amazing to someone living in the United States as we only have one to choose from (at least most places).  There are the totally different cultures, languages and "dress codes" happening here in this city and for the most part they PEACE ON EARTH 
has a whole new definition here in this part of the world. 

And finally, speaking of Peace, I have a real sense of peace now that I can put my arms around my beautiful daughter after 6 months separation. We enjoyed a beer together (a first for us at least in a public space) as she turned 21 this week.  She's looking good and sounding good. Amazing how one's children can grow up to become real, interesting people!  I saw her brother earlier this week, and he's doing great too. Happy Momma!! And now that I've got that part of peace on earth solved ( at least momentarily),  I shall sign off. One bit at a time right?!

Oh by the way, I really did meet a dentist named Chewy in Mexico. I was familiar with that name because it's a recognized Mexican nickname for someone whose first name is Jose. I've even taught a Chewy. However, the fact that this man in San Blas was a dentist made me laugh (not in his face, I was raised better than that!) However, my brother and sis in law (who know the man personally) didn't see the humor initially. 

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