Friday, February 21, 2014

Visiting Germany…special moments

Being in Germany this week was just what I needed after traveling through Israel. On a practicality note, it's really nice to be staying with people and not having the extra hotel expense and food costs. On the same thought, only emotional, it's really great to be re-connecting with people that I treasure in my life. And thirdly, it's just good to take a brain break--- I don't have to figure out where I'm going, what I'm doing.
Having said that, please don't think I didn't like traveling through Israel with my daughter. It truly was the Once in a Lifetime opportunity in many ways.
But I think myself rather smart to have planned this week in the middle of my three week adventure.
Enough said…
Here's two photos that make me smile
 When I stayed at D and K's house, I looked out my window the first morning and felt entirely safe to have Spiderman watching out for me. This speaks directly to D's sense of humor. Oh also--- his internet name is "homeland security". Gotta love it (hope this doesn't get him in trouble….!!!)
Me and my German son… we took this in his garden before we went out exploring. I think it just says "content". At least I know I feel content when visiting with him.

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