Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Reason, A Season or a Lifetime

My friend T once told me this quote
"People come into your lives for a Reason, A Season or
a Lifetime.
Once you figured out what it is,
You know what to do."

It's farewell time here at AIS with teachers getting ready to leave. Some are leaving for exciting new international jobs, some are heading back home. My friend M and her fiance POD are moving to Canada where he will be THE US Representative to Quebec and Ninnuvet (all you americans look this up if you don't know where it is...).The L family (the author I told you about earlier) are moving back to Nova Scotia where he will be a full time author (already received a contract for book 2) and H will go back to teaching HS English and raising her two super children, I and Zoebird. Other friends are moving to Mongolia. Yes, Mongolia...and they choose to move there!! Beautiful TL is moving to Syria, after waiting and wondering (and praying and cursing God as to why she had to wait so long for an "answer). She is excited.

I gave farewell speeches for three friends last night at our Farewell Dinner hosted high above Kuwait City on the 19th floor of the Safir Hotel. Really Swanky Schmanky but a lovely time. I thought I would break down crying, but I didn't. Maybe I'm getting the hang of this love em and leave em sort of mentality. That's the mentality David grew up with having to move often in the Air Force. Actually he didn't move that much but people certainly moved in and out of his life a lot. Once of the main reasons why I wanted to take this job is that I could understand that part of him. I sure do "get it" now.

Some of these people I will see again. Others I know I will not. But that doesn't lessen my joy in knowing them or in recognizing that they were definately in my life for a season.

Last year when the BFFs left, (I talked about them often ) I was very very sad and didn't know
how I would survive without them. But I did survive with very little communication during the year. (still love ya Daddo and Big V!) Maybe I'm getting older and friends don't mean as much. No actually as I get older, friends MEAN MORE to me. Especially now where I have Summer Friends and School-Year Friends.

No, let me re-phrase that...I don't have summer friends. I Have Lifetime Friends. You are the ones I see in the summer. You're "stuck" with me. Two weeks and counting until coffeetime at My Favorite Coffee Shop in the World, Riverside Coffee located in beautiful Downtown Pelican Rapids.

HHmm..there's a bit of free advertising for them! Maybe they'll give me my first cup of Java free when I return. JC-would you work on that for me?! And throw in a Cranberry Muffin while you're at it. Meet you on the Deck, soon.

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