Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some Days I think I've created a Monster...

Lovely Kuwait Drawing from one of our classes
If you notice the little counter on the right of my blog, you'll see that this blog has over 25,000 "hits". Which means that a lot of people look at this site. Now, some of it is me preparing the blog FYI-most of the Kuwait hits are mine...I edit and re-edit each post a
couple times to get it right.

Some of the hits are Family (LOVE TO Colorado, Alaska, Moorhead, Fargo and Chaska); some of the hits are Pelican Rapids "Family (love to you and can't wait til summer), a couple are students from AIS who have found their way onto the site (love from Momma Brown) and the rest are...???!!! I don't actually know.

I am speculating that some are people who are looking to come to AIS , as I've freely given out the website to our super superintendent to use as he recruits throughout the world.

Some of the people come from random places. For example, my comment on Dewey Berquist, Fargo TV Weatherman of Local Fame has generated a LOT of hits! And my comments on the SADU house always seems to garner a following.

It's weird to know that people AROUND THE WORLD are reading this. Let's one know how small the world truly is.

I attempt to be honest, upbeat and intelligent in my writing (hence why I have to edit and re-edit) because sometimes my first drafts are pretty goofy. It's been good therapy for me to write to "you" (whoever you are!). And my hopes are that when I finish my time in the Middle East, that I will publish my blog as a permanent momento (I know my friend JC is shaking his head because he believes things shouldn't be on paper but rather always in the electronic realm).

I currently subscribe to Vermont artists' daily blog which gives me inspiration for my classes and for my life. His entry for today seemed appropriate in answer to the question "Why do I write a blog"...THANK YOU FOR READING and COMMENTING ('Mos and ATD and DI and Cuz)
From Heron Dance Life of a Wild Artist
January 22
You can't talk about the mystery, the mythology that underlies life, directly. You need a story. You need art.
You can talk about the little truths, the history, the people, even the politics. But to explore the Great Mystery of life and death, of the cycles of the universe and of the seasons, you need to go round the block and in the back door. The really sacred things, the really important things, cannot be put into words. They can be sensed but not described. Though we often try.
All cultures create stories and art in their efforts to come to terms with the mystery. The specifics differ, culture to culture, but there are common elements: good, evil, life, death, birth and re-birth. The arts in the sky and what lies beyond. And the magical journey--the person who leaves hearth and home to discover a deeper awareness.
Cheers to you all. I'll do a celebration dance in the sand in honor of you all!

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Shanna (PinkTrees) said...

hi! i'll delurk to tell you that some of the hits from kuwait are me! i've been in kuwait for overs 3 years (gong home for good at the end of the week though) but i don't seem to have experienced as much of kuwait as you have. i guess it's because my son wasn't in school and we rarely left the house excepts for food and groceries!