Thursday, January 6, 2011

Seeing What Isn't Visible at First Glance

Taken alongside the road on the Rock of Gibraltar. The thing about the British is, they LOVE to put up plaques. I think that someday I will find a plaque that simply says, "The Queen stood at this spot thinking there should be a plaque commemorating that she thought about putting up a plaque on this spot."
Love ya Liz!
FYI-Gibralter, although located on the tip of Spain, is still "controlled" by the British. Driving across the border, it literally feels like one has driven into double decker buses, classic telephone booths, things spelled with "re" (theatre) and "our" (Favour). It's wild. A number of years ago, a vote was taken to see if the people of Gibraltar wanted to continue to be under British rule or go to Spain. The vote was 12,000 FOR staying British and 49 for switching.
Taken outside the Cathedral in Granada. The artist is doing a great job of making a representation of the Cathedral. Which made me he REALLY painting this? Or is just just sitting there with this picture pretending?! To see the full Cathedral, refer back about 6 posts and it's pictured there. When I take photos, I like to look for things that aren't necessarily "first glance" photos. This has resulted in finding myself laying on the ground, climbing up ledges and various other odd postures. David and Anna are used to it. Just as they are used to me randomly grabbing people's cameras and offering to take their group photos so they can be in the shots. They've given up on being embarrassed. Good choice. Here's a couple of my "invisible to the naked eye" shots from Spain. Taken while laying along side the road in Tarifa. I think I should have moved the brick but then again I sort of like it. This is one of those times when David actually yelled at me because he was concerned about my safety.********
Taken while heading up to the Watchtown in the Alahambra. I am totally fascinated by these Peepholes / Spaces for guns/whatever that we see in old castles and cathedrals.

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