Saturday, May 9, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Saturday

I got to go to another beach area in Kuwait to hang out on on Friday afternoon. This one was at the very "posh" al Corniche club here. Our neighbor has a membership so she asked if I would like to go along.
It was exactly what a beach should be...clean, great sand on the bottom for walking, secure area seperating the swimmers from the Skyjets (and vice versa) and there were lots of people in Bathing suits. Just bathing hijabs or dishtashas. It was quite amazing.
I even wore my swimming suit -for the first time-without a coverup. Scandal, scandal.

SERIOUSLY, it was a little liberating to be able to hang out just like back home.Although I did have to shave my legs which is something I haven't had to do a lot of here. (NOTE to those of you who are saying "euwww"...Oh stop it, you'd do the same thing if you were me!)

Beautiful Tylene in her fabulous Australian-New Zealand Ball Gown

We've made some good fast friends in our 10 month period here. Monday morning our dear friend TDF undergoes exploratory surgery and potentially more for thyroid cancer. She's a dear dear woman and so if you're in the praying mood, say a couple good words for her. She'll take all the good vibes she can get on any continent.

Twice in two days we've had compliments extended to us from former students. One was directly said to me by a 6th grader I taught here last fall. She performed in an all Arabic show Thursday evening that I attended (nope, didn't catch a word!) She told me that if I hadn't given her an opportunity to perform in November, she couldn't have performed in this show. Sweet
The other was from a former PRHS Seymour...great words of thanks to David and I for helping him in Theatre.
Teaching isn't always easy and some days you just want to pull out your hair--and the hair of the student who is frustrating you at that moment.
Then something like this comes along and you say
"okay I'll go back to school tomorrow".


I received electronic email greetings from both of my children this year. Ben sent an email two days ago to tell me he couldn't call me on Mother's Day because he was working. Anna sent me a wonderfully sarcastic card from a website ("when you care enough to hit send")
Both were sincere sentiments completely expressing the thoughts of my wonderful children. Thank you Ben and Anna for being who you are--unique, quirky, caring, borderline sarcastic, completely darling(except when you p@#$ me off!)
I'm a lucky mamma. I wonder what the cat will bring me...


This week was the birthday of my father, brother and father in law, all on May 4th. I tried to call my brother but was unable to connect. David talked to his dad who is safely back in Wadena.
I miss my Daddy and only wish I could talk with him.
Recently I found an Iranian man at the local flea market who is ,walla (translation: "I swear" in Arabic) a reincarnation of my Father Howard. He looks a little like my daddy, he has the same mannerisms, he'd sell you a piece of junk with a smile but not try to haggle with you too much.This guy also has a great collection of junk like my Daddy.
Today I went to the market and sat at his booth sifting through his junk just to think about my dad. It was great fun. He seemed to know what I needed (again like my daddy) because he just let me look for a while without coming up to me and haggling me to buy something (like many of the merchants do). In the end, we talked a little and I found a great picture of Kuwait in the 50s. And he didn't charge me much money for it. If I am smart enough to figure out how to scan it, I'll post it soon. (don't hold your breath)

In Pelican Rapids, I have my daddy Ben (Mr Mayor to most of you). He reminds me lock, stock and barrel of my father. Maybe because they are both 100% German, and stubborn and underneath the tough exterior is a true heart of gold.
I'm thankful for my substitutiondaddies. I'm glad to find another one here.


Working in the International Teaching environment means that in the spring you're always saying goodbye to someone who is moving on. I will be losing my BFFs who are moving on to Seoul, South Korea for "greener pastures". They have been a godsend for us in helping us get orientated. And, thanks for DRBFF, I will have a new job here next year as Activities Director at the HS.
Also "leaving" me (and thousands of other readers) is my favorite Kuwaiti blogger, Intlxpatr. Though we have never met, I feel I know her well because of her excellent writings, fabulous photos and deep insights into life in Kuwait and beyond.

My long time 4H friend "T" once told me
"people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
Once you know what it is, you know how to deal with them".

I've had friends who fall into all three categories. It was initially hard for me to handle people who just came into my life for a season but now I understand their value. No man (or woman or child) is an island. Especially overseas.


And finally I'm trying to send a Mother's Day bouquet to my AuntiE who, at age 95, just moved into assisted living. She made the decision to go herself, packed up all her belongings (with the help of her wonderful children, my cool cuzB and G,) and moved into a very nice place "with a little more action than her own apartment". AuntiE is my heroine and I hope to be just like her when I grow up!
Here's to her, and all other Mothers, Aunts, Sisters and Wonderful Women out there.
Give yourself a hug.
(PS to all you Men--you get your day in June. Now go take care of the women in your life)

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