Thursday, December 30, 2010

While reading the Arab times..

NOTE: It is a common belief here in the Middle East that the EVIL EYE is something you need protection from. Items like above are sold everywhere. You are warned not to do anything or the "Evil Eye" will be on you. Now, as North Americans, we know this is an "wives tale" type of belief (or is it?) Still, we've got three of these protection devices in our house! Maybe we should share one of ours with the person on

From the Thursday December 30th edition of the
Arab Times
(no words were changed...typed verbatim)


An angry Kuwaiti man walked into the Jarah police station and , what is believed to the first incident of its kind in Kuwait, narrated a very strange incident also the first of its kind, and threatened to kill his neighbor saying the man has a "evil" eye and has caused him many unsustainable problems. He also sought police help to prevent him committing the crime.
The man added he renovated his house and it caught fire. He went on to say he bought a new car for his son and the engine gave way and then his wife gave birth to twins and they died.
Police could do nothing but still they summoned the neighbor and narrated the story.
He denied the charge and said all that he can do now is everytime he sees the neighbor he will say "Allah Bless You".
The problem was solved amicably.


Anonymous said...

Evil eye is a very true thing,in modern days we don't believe it. Most common evil eye falls on infants and whole night they keep crying. Dried Chillies, Salt is generally used to take off the evil eye

Anonymous said...

Would that every problem could be solved so easily.