Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Spain-ness Part 1

While strolling through a park, we came upon these exceptional trees. Yes that's Anna and I standing at the base of one of them.
This delightful cervacina(restaurant that serves beer) was a great spot for lunch. Notice the following in this photo: top-smoked "legs" of pigs complete with hoof ready for dining; posters of flamenco dancers and bullfighters adorning the walld; beautiful tile along the background. LOVEd this place.

The happy family poses in front of the Sevilla cathedral. This is the 3rd largest Cathedral in the world after the Vatican's St Peter's and St Paul's in London. Yep, I've been to all three!
I love this photo. It was taken along the side of the cathedral. The picture of Mary was for an exhibition and the marble statue is of some saint (I think). I liked the composition of it. EMM-I hope you're still proud of your photography student.

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