Monday, December 6, 2010

Champions in my Heart

Anna's soccer name is "AnnaBrown" it's one word. They all call her "AnnaBrown". And they sometimes add a "Downtown" in front of it so she's "DowntownAnnaBrown". This makes me giggle because when I worked for IDQ back in the day, my nickname was "Downtown Brown" (comes from a MTV DJ, "Downtown Julie Brown")
Having spent the weekend with these young men and women and being called "Momma Brown" by most team members (and "Mother Brown" by the opposing teams!) I came to know and love these great kids. Although both teams placed 2nd, they are still #1 in my book! L-I-O-N-S, let's go LIONS! Note to Team Members: Thanks for the memories. When you are in charge of Kuwait, remember to keep both girls and boys soccer alive! You too may be playing on a Gulf Champion team one day!

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