Sunday, December 12, 2010

Through Uncle Doug's eyes...

Uncle Doug was here visiting this week and he captured a few moments in our busy weekend. Below is "Santa David" at the AIS Family Christmas party with a few of a delighted Children. (yeah I know, how the Grinch got to be Santa I'll never know!) I took this picture of UD as we were sitting at the Scientific Center. I thought the reflection of the Dhow ship in his glasses was cool.

The Brown Boys on the Gulf...Charlie, you should be proud!

While we were walking along the Gulf on Satuday, we watched this curious fishing activity. The poles are at least 10 feet tall and this gentleman was busy with each and every pole. But we never actually saw him catch anything.

Thanks for Stopping By UD. We were very glad to host you and can't wait until we can relax and talk smart again on the shores of Lake Lida! Happy Trails.

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