Monday, August 3, 2009

Things I am enjoying and wishing for

Pictures taken
1) at our 28th Anniversary on July 24
2) my son and husband in 2007.

We're greatly enjoying our time here this summer, as you can tell by the lack of photos and comments. I'm taking time in my life to live life instead of always having to photograph it! Okay so I've also got about 1400 shots from this summer so don't think that I've completely lost contact with my Canon.

Our son is supposed to be here on August 15th. We're praying,hoping, crossing our fingers that we will get to see him before we leave on August 17th.

I've spoken often of the phrase "inshallah" which is Arabic for God Willing. I am hoping that my God is willing for me to see my son for 36 hours!!

Hope you all are enjoying your lives.

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