Thursday, August 6, 2009

Missin' the Arab Times

I love reading the Kuwait paper on Friday mornings. Their style of writing, along with the sometimes outrageous articles, make for great reading and outbursts of laughter. This morning, while in a bout of insomnia, (hence all the recent postings you see on the blog), I found this on a kuwait blog (thanks Desertgirl). I share it with you just so you can laugh out loud too!
To quote my bro Pete "You can't make this @#$% up!"

Restaurant Sells Heroine-tainted Food to Customers
Arab Times, 29 June 2009, Kuwait :

Restaurant selling heroine-tainted food to customers
A well-known restaurant at an unidentified location is said to be serving food to customers tainted with heroin, reports Al-Shahid daily quoting reliable sources.

This, the daily said, is done to attract more customers.However, the daily added acting on information and armed with a search and arrest warrant by the Public Prosecution raided the restaurant but nothing unusual was found.

The daily said the owner of the restaurant is an influential personality and reportedly got information from security sources that there would be a raid on the restaurant.But the daily quoting a worker, who did not disclose his name, has allegedly admitted that the owner mixes ‘something’ in the food and calls it a special spice to make the food tasty.

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