Friday, November 26, 2010

Kuwaiti Version of Black Friday

While my loved ones were out braving the Targets of the USA yesterday during "Black Friday" (couldn't they have come up with a better name?) I was venturing in Kuwait contributing to the economy in my own way. Although this picture was taken in Qatar last year when we were visiting the Fabulous Ms Becca, you can see just how the opportunities to shop abound in this part of the world! This is my New RUG that I purchased yesterday from my one-eyed, 82 year old Jordian boyfriend at the Friday Market. Although it's the "THING TO DO", I had told myself that I wasn't going to purchase a rug here because a) we had rugs from David's parents and b) I couldn't see spending money for things that are meant to be walked on. However when I saw this rug, as my friend SH said, "Nadine when the rug speaks to you, it's your duty to buy it". We only paid 100 KD (about $350). I LOVE this carpet. I also know that I got a good deal because my "boyfriend" wouldn't cheat me. Although I met his son yesterday who said to me "Now I see why my father doesn't bring any profit home because he sells things to you so cheap". Hhmm....
This is the corner of our living room. I have started a collection of "Dellahs", which are the pointey spouted coffee pots that are used here. David has informed me that "we have enough stuff on the walls" so I'll have to move my collection elsewhere. I don't think the cat would mind sharing his litter box area with my treasures do you?!

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