Saturday, November 27, 2010

All I Want for Christmas 2010

Today friend KMc and I went out shopping at a couple of Antique stores. We were really window shopping because the places we went to were truly OVER THE TOP for furniture and designs. You would be impressed/shocked/amazed/amused at the type of things one can purchase for a home here in Q8. For example, the chandelobra pictured below. What kind of home would someone have to have to fit this lovely (?!) piece into the decor? (see photo on previous blog for a hint!) There are incredible wooden doors all throughout Kuwait. Most are imported from India. As I understand it, these come off of old Indian homes and are just sold. Truly if I could figure out a way to ship it, I would bring one of these home with me.
The workman ship on these ornate beauties is a sight to behold.

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