Friday, September 3, 2010

Reality Check 101

Ah Lake Lida, how well you served me this summer.
August 20, 2010 Posing by the WLP (world's largest pelican) sure can make me feel at home
The family that we leave behind while in the desert...sniff sniff

Okay so I have SAID that it was time to leave MN and return to Kuwait to "get back to work". Okay I also said that it was time for the fun to end and return to what is now our normal life. Okay I even said that there were some things that I missed in the desert. But I kinda lied.

It's been two full weeks since I've been gone and I miss people/things already from the Land of 10,000 things on a stick (a nod to the MN State Fair, which I also miss right now).
Our life here in Q8 is full and complete with friends, fulfilling work and a sense of family with the three of us. heart will always be in MN. I will not lie. I'm just thankful that we have fulfilling work and people here that make it somewhat normal for us during Late august-Mid june when we will be in the desert.
So, if you're in North America and reading this (or Germany or Ireland), know that I do miss seeing you and being with you. And that the time will go short.
And now the call to prayer has gone off telling me that it's okay to eat, drink, and do other I will to occupy my mind.Cheers
PS But seriously don't worry about me, I've been through this before (and I probably will go through it again. It's part of the process. Just have a beer for me and I'll feel better ;-). Besides David is doing a really good job of taking care of me...right honey?!

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