Friday, September 3, 2010

More of our Vacation (you needed to see more right?!)

Sunflowers are sort of the national symbol of Holland and Germany (right Marion?!) I love seeing them everywhere. This is taken from the FIVE STAR HOTEL we stayed at in Aachen (re: Marion's house!)
The Dutch certainly don't spare the vowels!

This fishing boat was just coming into the harbor as we were leaving the town. Wonderful.

The first thing you may notice in this picture is the Cathedral in the background. This is in Cologne (Koln for the Germans). I thought it was the Cologne Catherdral, but ATD, who has superior German knowledge over me, gently told me that it wasn't. Anyway....We were lucky enough to tour THE KOLN CATHERDRAL on our first trip to Germany in 2005. As you look in the foreground you see a fence with lots and lots of locks on it. David told me that the tradition is to go to this fence with a loved one and "lock" your love together forever and throw away the key. AAWWWWW...I like it.


Amanda said...

Not to call you out, just an FYI: the building behind the Fence O' Love is not the K├Âlner Dom. The cathedral has two towers and is closer (angle-wise) to the train station.

I have no idea what that tower is, but I thought I'd inform you for the sake of knowledge. ;)

NWB said...

Your knowledge of Deutschland is uber over mine so I thank you humbly for the correction!