Sunday, June 14, 2009

What I'll be doing next weekend

My good Friend JO is an angel on earth. She does many, many wonderful things for our small town, but the best thing she does is to organize the International Friendship Festival during the third weekend in June. I've been MCing for a couple years now and I'm back on deck for this year (tried to give it up last year but the Trainee I had moved to Seattle! Miss you Ashley!)

Now that I've moved to Kuwait for the school year, JO decided that I deserved to be put on the advertisement ("Emcee Nadine Wagner Brown of the American International School of Kuwait") She's always trying to make things look "international"!

Today I had coffee with JO and she's in her regular pre-Festival spin. But it's all good, she's organized, she's got a plan and she's got a TON OF FAITH. This woman can move mountains and people..mainly because as we know in PR, you just don't say no to JO!!

God Bless you Sister...This is THE DAY! Go forth and conquer.

PS God won't let you down, I know it will be sun for the Festival. If not, then we'll have to find Nate and his accordian to play for us in the rain.

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