Sunday, June 14, 2009

We have a WINNER!!!(ding! Ding! ding!)

Congrats to the 10,000 "hit" person!! As I looked at this blog at 329 am CST (it's the jetlag insomnia combined with the menopause insomnia) I see that there are 10,011 hits on this blog. Counting backwards (and taking myself out at the end) it's either the lucky reader in WASILLA, Alaska (home of the Iditirod, Sarah Pallin AND my fabulous family!) OR MOORHEAD, MN (sister city to Fargo (hate the movie but it's a great place to tell people overseas where we're from)..Hmmm, that means it could be EITHER crazy Cuz OR favneice.

SO you three fight it out, email me who you think won and I'll have the fabulous Kuwaiti prize waiting for you.
NOW knowing all three of you (being Norvegian and all) You'll say
"uffda,it can't be, no give it to the other person"
SO how about this...I just give a prize to each of you.
Okay so I've got a gift for you already.

Sorry folks, but this does definately "smack" of nepotism!

The Real WINNER is ME. We arrived at 11 pm Saturday morning. HUGE KUDOS to UncleDoug and PapaCB who waited for 5 hours in the Fargo airport (not the hotbed of entertainment that Chicago O Hare was, that's for sure) while enduring the aches and pains of bad colds.
There were honest to goodness fireworks as we landed. I was thinking "Wow," my family and friends spared no expense to welcome us home.! Then I found out it was for the local baseball team's victory. Oh well, IN MY STORY, it's fireworks for us!

When we got to our summer home, my Favorite Father in Law told me to open the refridgerator...and there was a HUGE Ham. He does love me.

Life IS GOOD here-it's green, there's lakes and people I love. AAhhhh, doesn't get any better than this!

PS no photos of reunions because there have been too many tears in my eyes to focus the camera!!

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