Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's my last night in Kuwait. I can't believe it. A school year has gone by and I'm still standing, still smiling and after a great summer break, I will be happy to return to my new job as Activities Director at AIS. Unbelievable. If someone had told me in October that I'd be happy here, I would have asked them if they were drinking something. But this being Kuwait, I know that wasn't true (wink! wink! nod! nod!)

Seriously, it's been a very full year. If you've been reading this blog, you know the ups and downs that we went through. If you're just stopping by on the web, then let's just say that we're learned and grown...a lot.

We've got 24 hours of flying time before we touchdown at Hector International so I'll have some time to put together my thoughts more coherently. I think I'm a little in shock.

We've been "warned" that we will experience Culture Shock in reverse when we return home--things won't have changed OR they will have changed and we won't have been a part of it. A good friend warned me this morning not to think that it's all "wonderland" back home. I'm trying to be "cool" about the whole thing, but I will probably fall down and kiss the ground. At least the green, NATURAL grass when I see it.

Keep tuned over the summer, I'll have updates of the Browns lives and adventures in Pelican Rapids. If you want to take a summer break, then you'll know that we'll be back in Q8 in August. But I'm really not thinking about that.

Riverside Coffee here I come...**

**for those not residing in 56572, it's THE best coffee shop in the world. At least in my world. And that's speaking for two continents!!!

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