Friday, September 28, 2012

England swings like a pendulum do

For some reason this old song from the 60s popped into my head while posting these photos from our recent trip to England.
I love LOVE England for many reasons:it has tremendous sentimental value as it was the first trip I took on an airplane 31 years ago; I love the history, the moderness( styles etc), the theatre.. It's just bloody cool!
The photos below are random but capsulized our time there.
The pilot did a wonderful job of flying in over all the major tourist attractions. I don't know if it was intentional or just the way the flight patterns happen, but it was quite a thrill. We've just passed the River Thames and Big Ben by the time I got over the excitement and got out my camera.
We visited southern England and saw my Great Neice EE and high school friend PK. We walked along the beach which was actually more crowded that this picture shows. We hadn't really spent any time in this part of England before and found it quite loverly.
This odd looking thingy on my right is one of the several offical Olympic mascots. I have not idea what the name is or what it is supposed to symbolize, but I had to have my photo taken with one of the lil buggers. St. Paul's catheral is in the upper right.
 We spent a lot of time with Bill (shakespeare) on this trip attending the Globe theatre (and thus completing one of David's bucket list items). We also accidently spent time in the church where he worshipped and also passed this plaque which shows the actual site of the Globe Theatre in the 1700s.
 Looking off into the distance in southern England one can almost hear the horses approaching and see Robin Hood and his merry band.
Yep, if you look over my right shoulder you will see the London Bridge and the Olympic Rings hanging from it. We spent a lovely morning along the Thames collecting rocks and glass.
 See, William and Kate aren't the only ones who can kiss well!

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