Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How I enjoy spending my summer vacation

I love driving through farm country and I love Barns. This is one on the way on the Otter Tail /Grant County line. Here's a couple members of my "other Family"...the Sanders family. Recently David and I joined Gary and Jimi for a fun night of golf and fine dining. Pictured in the center is Papa Gordy, the patriarch of one great family. Not bad for 95 years young. I should have also included the picture of him flirting with the waitress.
During my trip to Austin, it was our anniversary as you know from reading the previous blog. I didn't have a card for David, so I had someone take this picture. The significance of it is that Orchids are the traditional gift for the 28th anniversary. (In case you're wondering, David got me a book with the title "Orchid" in it.)

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