Saturday, October 15, 2011

Life on the farm

Thursday night we were invited to a Kuwait farm located about one and a half hours from where we live. This is an opportunity that one doesn't want to miss. The family of the young 5th grader who David has been tutoring made the kind gesture to have us join them. It was an amazing experience as you will see below.

All of these fun people stayed with us, they could speak English but spent mist of the. Time talking Arabic. We smiled a lot, and I took photographs.

Food food and more food. It was like a Norwegian potluck!

These lovely ladies are attending An English school and they are in a play that David and I know, so we sang dongs from the show and they became our new fans. Yes I was covered up modestly for swimming In the pool.

Lovely yellow weird flower that I have no idea of the name...but I liked it. Remember my motto...if a flower can grow in the desert, so can I!

These strange looking doves were a part of the menagerie. I could just hear them saying " don't you love my feathers darhling?"

David viewing the cucumbers...or the tomatoes...or eggplants...or something


Dates, dates and more dates.

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Location:Wafraa, Kuwait

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