Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Vacation Shots

How would you like your french fries? Here's a list of ways to eat them by country. Maybe you could try something new today...
We enjoyed going into the Fun House. Who says Old People can't have fun (ah, Marion would like you to know that SHE is NOT Old)

These are HUGE cookies, made with special messages. I know the one on the left says "I Love You". Google German translations for the rest.

I LOVE Fairs! And what a treat to attend the Aachen Fair with Marion, our German Godsister. It made up for missing the MN State Fair (again).But I must admit, the beer in Germany was MUCH better!

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Amanda said...

Oh mein Gott. Every one of those French fry sauces sounds amazing. Is that a restaurant? If so, it's my new favorite. I want one of each.