Friday, August 13, 2010

6 Days and 18 Hours

Angel participating in her favorite activity, chasing sticks off the dock! I will miss this daily activity as well as life in general on Lake Lida.

This is all the time we've got left in MN for Summer '10. Holy cow, it went so fast!! Just "yesterday" we were landing at the Fargo Airport being greeted by Bro PSL and son P, and now we're starting to pack.

Packing to return to the desert is filled with challenges. Well, not challenges in the "what will I need" category, but more challenges in the "how much can I really stuff into this suitcase" area. Kuwait isn't filled with cotton clothing so I try and stock up while I am here. Also there's those little personal items that I think I can't live without for 10 months. And of course books...and more books. Yes I know, "kindle" would be the answer but I still like curling up with a book.

Today we had Anna's senior pictures taken by the FABULOUS Jennifer of Herman, MN. Jennifer is the granddaughter of my second parents MomLaVaun and Daddy Roger (RIP) and her Uncle "ugly" is as close to me as a brother. Just to make this circle even tighter, her mother in law was my first piano teacher back in the day. I am so pleased with what I've seen on the proofs and can't wait to see them tomorrow.

So the check list for this week (in addition to packing) includes: getting Anna's hair dyed blonde (she's going to "go for it" as we've spent two years in the desert now and she thinks she can handle any sort of "harum" that would come her way);making one last flying trip to Minneapolis to say goodbye to family and friends; seeing friends here in the great Lake Country; coffee one more time with my Tuesday Morning support group; seeing our daughter in law (we've only seen her once this summer due to her work schedule); saying goodbye to my Angel dog who has a fabulous life at KKO's house; and of course, double checking the flight schedules, getting money straightened out for the year, etc etc etc. The time will fly.

As I write this, David is out sailing on Lake Lida enjoying the wind in his hair (which has grown quite long over the summer). I am going to hang out another load of laundry (hey, a girl's gotta have fun somehow right?) and later tonight we'll have a small campfire. Anna is off with her friends trying to cram in as much fun as possible. Angel will be anxiously watching the suitcases as she knows that when they come out, it's time for her life to change again.

Returning to the Litter Box (thanks SH for that slang!) for year three won't be so bad. We know what to expect in our jobs and in our personal lives. We will have some new challenges being there without a few select close friends, but there are still some very important people who help make our time away from our hearthome (Pelican Rapids) bearable and enjoyable.

As the sign in Pelican Drugstore says, "Life IS Good".

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