Sunday, March 7, 2010

EYE see...much clearer now

It started when I kept losing my glasses and David suggested that I wear my glasses all the time. Then my daughter suggested that I wear my glasses when I do the dishes because I was not getting the dishes clean when I wash them (uh-HUM!...yes, I could have told her she could do the dishes herself)
And finally, I discovered that i once again put the wrong numbers on something when I wasn't wearing my glasses which could have resulted in a student getting disqualified from a tournament
(he was born in 1996 not 1993 but I placed the incorrect numbers on his application!)

Anyway, so I was convinced that it was time to head to the eye doctor. But first, we had to get David taken care of. He's developing a cataract in his left eye, his BAD eye. So we've been on a mission to get it taken care of. He's going to have surgery within the next ten days. The surgeon says it's a 15 minute operation...unbelievable!

So since it was an eye day, we went off to the place where I was recommended to see about my eyes. The eye person (I don't think he was an optomitrist (sp?) but he knew what he was doing. He convinced me that I didn't need new glasses, that I didn't need to have an upgrade, and he fully explained the whole rational for me, and fixed my current glasses, AND...didn't charge me a thing! He said "this is Kuwait, we don't charge like they do in the US". Unbelievable.

In general, medical things are easier, quicker and cheaper here than in the US. We usually make appointment about 2 hours in advance and never have to wait more than 15 minutes for an appointment. It's safe, clean, efficient and convenient. This past fall, I called for a doctor appointment for David and Anna...and they got one at 11 pm at night! (It was Ramadan and the offices were open from 3 pm to 12 am).

I'll keep you posted on David's surgery. But at least know that we feel safe and in good hands.

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Anonymous said...

Could you possibly explain to our congressional representatives how it is that Kuwait can do medicine well and inexpensively. We just can't seem to get it ironed out over here!
Julie Siehl