Sunday, December 6, 2009

Peerless Leaders

I just finished working with a fine group of AIS staff members to plan and execute the Professional Educators Around Kuwait (PEAK) meeting. On Saturday, there were 1300 teachers in our school for workshops, networking and lunch. I was in charge of facilities and stage management stuff. It was a huge amount of work, but fortunately the TEAM that put it together was outstanding. We worked hard, we discussed and argued in a spirit of teamwork that I've never witnessed and STILL we kept smiling.
Oh yes, we always kept our sense of humor.
-Even when HH had to go to rescue a box of books from customs and the man from our school who is charge of transportation asked her if she knew where they were because he was lost.
-Even when we were scared to hold the banquet outside despite the 20% chance of rain. Kuwait had an unusual three day rain last week which resulted in flooding in several areas. We were nervous.
-Even when the tables arrived for the vendors and they were nothing more than small ratty pieces of plywood and steel frames, with stained table clothes. (we made it work)
-AND ESPECIALLY when we discovered at 5 pm the night before that the beautifully set dining area was set up for 300 people NOT 1300 as we had ordered. (Lesson learned..."get it in writing!")...It all worked out.
The sun shined brightly on Kuwait, people came, learned, laughed, ate well and stay around to enjoy each other's company. The biggest problem we had was a room change. And the tables and chairs were all arranged by lunch and everyone had a place to sit.
Hats off to all of you! Let's do it again (but...let's rest up first!)

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