Saturday, December 26, 2009

All is calm, All is Bright

Thankfully the snowstorm seems to have dumped it's blessings to the north and south of Pelican Rapids and we're digging out nicely here. Wedding and reception are still on as scheduled...if you're reading this, come on out to Ohe's Barn tomorrow from 1-3 pm for a wedding reception!
It's going to be a nice celebration of love, happiness and optimism! (can I buy decorations for that?!)
Being here with Ben and Jolene and seeing their love and their care for each other has calmed many of my mother fears. It will all work out, they've got love...the rest are "details" right?!
Keep your fingers crossed for a clear day on Sunday and for the power of snowblowers to make all this white stuff negotiable!
..God Bless us Everyone!

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