Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Forensics, Flowers and Food

This is our speech team for 09. David and SP, another drama teacher, did a fine job with this group. It grew from last year and we were pleased with their progress. They were a great group of kids and did a great job of hosting other students. Anna is pictured on the top row and David in the front. They are "dressed down" because it was the last night banquet and we were tired!!
To thank you for my hard work on the tournament, the other coach, SP gave me flowers. Not just any bouquet, but a HUGE bouquet of roses, orchids and greenery. I've never been given any gift so large. It sure brought a smile to my face...even if the orchid aroma did become very overwhelming after a while.

This culture is very very good about arrangements, both flowers and food. Recently when we were feeding the 1250 people at the teacher's conference, the lady in charge of catering came up to me and said:
"You know what these people do? They EAT the fruits!!! And they wreck the arrangements. Int this country, the fruit is for display...not for eating!(Unfortunately, a whole arrangement tipped over when some misguided soul took an apple from the bottom of the pile instead of the top)
We are definately all about the show here!

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