Friday, November 27, 2009

Recent Sightings of UFOs

Possible definitions of above:
Unidentified Food Objects; in this case it would be HAM. We were graciously invited to an American thanksgiving through one of Anna's soccer friends and these people work for contractors on a base, so they can get H A M. Mmm it was so tasty... All i needed to complete the day was to fall asleep in front of the TV set watching a football game.

Unidentified Falling Objects: It's been raining here in Kuwait on and off for a week, which is really REALLY odd. It's been chilly enough to wear sweaters. Didn't stop my boy Davey who was out at 630 am with work colleagues golfing on Kuwait's fine sand golf course. You remember the one from last year where one carries their own turf. He returned and brought 4 new friends. He shot a 97 for 18 holes which was, in his words, "pretty darn good"

Unidentified Feliznavidad Ornaments: (Okay, so this was a stretch.) We are starting to see signs of Christmas here, although certainly not as the quantity that you are in North America. It just dawned on my Wednesday that Christmas was right around the corner. Happy First day of the Christmas shopping season in North America! I am thinking of all of you who braved the shoppers to get the bargains, and also those of you who did online shopping.
Tree goes up tomorrow, right on schedule.

Uninterrupted Fluttering Opticals (again a stretch): Finally we have some moments of unplanned rest and relaxation here at the Brown house. The forensics tournament is done, my office is back to normal and I have been enjoying napping and catching up on Videos. I just finished watching the last of Season 15 of ER (loved that show!)Starting on Dexter season four part two and Brothers and Sisters. Gotta love the video man.

Unexpected Friend Obligations: We were going to Qatar to visit BeccaP and Tim but things didn't work out as we had planned. Certainly by easter we will visit them. We had no plans on Tuesday and by Wednesday evening we had two Thanksgiving dinner invites, one birthday party for TD and dinner with the SuperRuss and Sheila. Also a massage with BFFAD Lori and a lovely breakfast with the new smart group. Life is good here.

Utilizing Flying Objects: Anna went out today with friends today to Fly a Kite. Seriously! I don't know how they were going to do that in the rain, but I never underestimate my daughter and her friends.

Hope everyone had a great turkey day and ate too much and received too much love! In 20 days I'll be back in the land of 10,000. Yes I am counting the days!

Happy Holidays

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Kathryn Anderson said...

I had my first black Friday experience this year.
However it was through working at Bath and Body Works in West Acres.

And yes never underestimate any of Anna's friends.